Who can register

Who can register for the EYPC?

  • Young peopleThe conference is open to young people aged 13 to 19. There will be two meetings based on age. The younger group will be for young people between the ages of 13 and 15 and the older group will be for young people aged 16 to 19.
  • Helpers – Young people aged 20 to 22 who wish to help strengthen and support the conference, either serving with the young people or in a practical way, can also apply. These applications are not automatically accepted, but are considered according to the need. Your country coordinator will let you know if you have been accepted.
  • Shepherding Serving Ones – There is a need for shepherds to care for the young people. Any brother or sister 23 years old or older who has a burden to help can apply to attend. It would also be helpful to contact your country coordinator to have some fellowship about the time. Some experience of serving with young people is preferred but not necessary. There needs to be one shepherding serving one for every three young people.
  • Practical serving ones – There is also a great need for brothers and sisters to serve in the many activities which are carried out during the course of the conference. It would be wonderful for a good number of parents (especially dads) and visitors to come to serve in this capacity. No prior experience of serving with young people is required, although the ability to coordinate with others is necessary. Below are practical service areas:
    • Activities – Activities are a main part of this conference. Activities are carried out in 4 different days, after lunch and before the evening meeting. The activities consist of outdoor games, orienteering, project and hiking. You will be coordinating with a large group of saints and you will be responsible for setting up and running a specific activity during the week.
    • Inspections – You will be coordinating with a group of saints and you will be checking the rooms of the young people according to a certain criteria. This will be done three times during the week while the young people are at the morning meeting.
    • First Aid – If you are a certified physician or nurse, you may want to join the First Aid team. The First Aid team service will provide care for those who are unwell and those who sustain any injury during the camp (not for routine medical check-up). The first aid office will be open 30 minutes before the morning meeting, 30 minutes after the evening meeting and from 15:00 to 16:00. 
    • Audio/video – The audio/video (AV) service is a full-time service for the duration of the conference. Those who serve on AV will serve with one of two dedicated teams for the Junior or Senior Conference. The responsibility of AV team is to manage and record the audio during the conference. Experience is recommended but not totally necessary.
    • Security – We ask brothers to sign up for this service only. For this service you will be staying with another brother for one or two nights in one of the tents to keep watch over the equipment. The tent will be closed, the alarm will be activated and you will be provided with a sleeping bag and a torch.
    • Guitars – If you have some experience in playing the guitar, please feel free to sign up for this service. You will be added to a guitar schedule for the week.
    • Check-in/arrivals (first day only) – If you are planning to arrive early to the conference, or at least one day before, please feel free to sign up for this service. It involves welcoming the saints when they arrive, giving them their conference materials and directing them to their accomodation. This service will take up the majority of the first day.
  • Day visitors from Poland – Saints registering from Poland have the option of attending the conference for the day. Accomodation, meals and transportation are not arranged by the conference. The saints in this category must also register.