Thank you for joining us for the UK EYPC Juniors remotely on Patterns of Living an Overcoming Life. We have around 75 joining together in person at Woodland Camp this week and over 40 joining from across the UK as well as Canada, Ghana, Malta and South Africa.

This year the conference meetings will be broadcast via Zoom with opportunities for those joining remotely to participate. 

The meeting room will have two TVs showing those are joining remotely during the meeting. If you do not want to shown on camera, please let the AV team know via

Remote Regulations

Please be reminded of the regulations for those are joining online:

  • Speech – Speak respectfully and appropriately with others as you would in normal circumstances.
  • Clothing – Dress appropriately as you would for a meeting in person. What we wear affects our attitude. We encourage all the young people to dress with modesty that reflects our seeking the Lord and honours the other attendees. No pyjamas, lounge wear, or clothing that is low cut or uncovering.
  • Call from a public place – As much as possible, move your laptop/phone out of your bedroom to the lounge/kitchen. If not possible, keep your bedroom door open.
  • Field of View – Be aware of what is in view of your camera, including things on the wall and other people in the house.
  • Parents – Let your parents or guardians know when you will be in a meeting, and ask them to be nearby or at least in the house.
  • Do not distract or abuse others.
  • No photos or videos – Do not take photos, screen captures, or videos of any young person or serving one, and do not post them online or send them to anyone.


The conference will be from Monday 26th – Saturday 31st July. There will be two meetings each day at 10am and 7pm BST.

The complete schedule may be found here:

UK EYPC JRs Schedule


Restricted Content

Live Meeting and Archives

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Serving Ones

Activities, Group Time and Verse Memorisation

We are sorry but we are not able to arrange activities or groups for those who are joining remotely. We do however encourage you to form your own group and read through the group material in the handbooks.

We are also unable to coordinate the verse memorisation for the remote participants. If you would like to learn the verses we encourage you to do so and talk with your parents or serving ones about rewards.

Woodland Camp

See the most recent updates about the progress of Woodland Camp on the Amana Trust website:

Woodland Camp Construction Updates (