European Young People's Conference 2021

Online / Local
2-7 August 2021 (may vary by location)

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This is the central registration form. After you complete this registration, you will also need to register for your regional EYPC (on another website).

There is no central registration deadline, however, local registration deadlines may apply.

Registration is now closed for the EYPC.
You are no longer able to edit your information.
If you have any queries please send an email to your country coordinator.

Please read everything carefully before registering.
Registration for the European Young People's Conference 2021 takes place through this website centrally, with another registration process for each local conference.
Registration Procedure
The registration procedure is the same for everyone wishing to attend the EYPC, including young people, helpers, and serving ones, regardless of country.
Each of these steps must be completed in order:
  1. LOG IN: Create or log in to a user account (this is the same as your account). You may register up to ten family members through the same account.
  2. REGISTER CENTRALLY: Fill in all the pages of the online application form and submit them. Partially filled in pages can be saved to be finished and submited later. Your form is not complete until all pages have been submitted.
  3. WAIT FOR APPROVAL: After the steps above are completed, your country coordinator will be able to approve (or decline) your application, and should inform you once they have done so.
  4. REGISTER LOCALLY: If your local registration form is available, you will also need to complete this. Otherwise you will be asked to register locally once this becomes available.
  5. LOOK OUT FOR MORE INFORMATION: Your local EYPC coordinators will let you know more about how the conference will be carried out in your area.
  6. DONATION: There is no centralised registration fee; however, there is a suggested donation. Information can be found on the payment page. Your local EYPC may have additional costs, e.g. to cover accomodation and meals.
  7. QUESTIONS? If you need help with registration for any reason, contact your country coordinator.
Don't forget to pray for the European Young People's Conference 2021 and to encourage your companions and friends to register!
The European Young People's Conference 2021 will be carried out as local EYPCs and may take place in person if the situation allows. The EYPC will also be available online where it is not possible to meet in person. The dates of the EYPC are from 2nd to 7th August 2021, although it may vary according to your region. See the announcement page for more information.

After you register centrally on this website, you will also need to register for your local EYPC if you have not done so already. More information regarding your local EYPC will be provided directly by your EYPC coordinators. For online conferences, you will need access to a device which you can use to connect to the online platform (e.g. Zoom). This could be a computer, tablet, or smart phone.

Important: the lower limit for the EYPC is age 13.

The European Young People's Conference 2021 is for young people who are aged between 13-19 on 2 August 2021. There may be some variation according to country, e.g. in the UK and Ireland you must also be going into school year 8, and in Spain you may register as a young person up to the age of 20. If you are younger than this, please do not try to register - you may be able to complete the first page of the form, but then will be disappointed that you cannot complete your registration.

There is no central registration deadline, however, local registration deadlines may apply.

Your central registration is not complete until you have submitted all the pages of your registration form. Please do not delay registering. It will be harder for you to take care of any complications at the last minute.

Please see the announcement page for more information.
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