Additional Information for North America

In addition to the general guidelines for registration, the following points apply to the saints from North America:


Applicants from North America should be juniors or seniors in high school. Others may be considered on an exception basis.

To start your application process, we ask that you first obtain a recommendation letter from an elder or a YP serving one who has known you for a while (this applies to any YP or serving one under the age of 25). Ask him/her to send us the letter directly at While you are waiting for the letter of approval from us, please proceed to submit your online application along with the registration fee payment. This will reserve you a spot at the conference. Once you have received the letter of approval from us, your application has been submitted and your fee has been paid, your spot at the conference is secured. At this point it is safe for you to go ahead to make travel arrangement and book your plane tickets.

There is a quota of 120 spaces for those attending from North America. Registration will close once this limit is reached or on June 2nd, 2019, whichever comes first. Applications will be accepted on a first-come first-served basis. Late applications cannot be accepted.

We also encourage you to be in an European language program in your school. This will greatly help with the blending of the young people at the conference.

Ratio of Serving Ones

A ratio of one serving one to three young people is required for this conference. This means that those coming from North America may need to coordinate and blend across the regions to cover this ratio. You can contact the country coordinator to assist in meeting this need at

Travel to Poland

On the morning of Lord’s Day, July 28th there is a mandatory orientation meeting for all the North American saints. Hence, all the saints travelling from North America are required to arrive in Małe Ciche on Saturday, July 27th, one day prior to the beginning of the conference. Please do your best to arrive at the Krakow airport before 6 pm, to catch the chartered bus shuttling the saints to Małe Ciche. If, however, you will not be able to arrive on Saturday before 6 pm, you will need to provide your own transportation to Małe Ciche. Once in Małe Ciche on Saturday, July 27th, your accommodation and meals starting with dinner on  Saturday are taken care of until Lord’s Day, August 4th, after breakfast.  As stated in the Payment section, transportation from and to the Krakow airport are provided and included in the conference flat fee.

For those who haven’t been to this conference before, and have expressed concern regarding the reception at the Krakow airport, a brother holding a sign will be waiting at “Arrivals” to greet all those coming from the United States.

The Dates to Travel

Plan on leaving the USA no later than Friday, July 26th in order to arrive in Krakow (KRK) on Saturday, July 27th. If possible, arrange your flight to arrive in Krakow before 18:00 (6pm) local time.

Plan to depart from Krakow (KRK) on Lord’s day, August 4th.

Do not make any travel plans for the conference until you receive the confirmation you have been accepted.


The cost of the conference, including the two extra nights’ accommodation (before and after the conference) as well as travel to and from Krakow airport is $300. This cost  is the same for everyone, even if you decide not to join/use everything included in the amount.The $300 flat fee includes the following:

  1. One conference T-Shirt
  2. One conference outline
  3. Transport from Krakow airport to Małe Ciche (camp) and from Małe Ciche (camp) back to the Krakow airport.
  4. Accommodation in Małe Ciche on  Saturday, July 27th, dinner  included
  5. Accommodation in Krakow on  Saturday, August 3rd, dinner included.
  6. Breakfast on  August 4th.
  7. Blending trip to Krakow.

Please note that since the $300 is a flat fee, if you opt out of any of the aforementioned events/meals/accommodation nights, you will still have to pay the fee in full.

Any extra Outlines or T-shirts would be charged additionally.

Payment is made online on this website via PayPal after you have completed the registration form.

For personal purchases, we suggest that you bring with you about $70 as spending money. There will be the opportunity to exchange US dollars into Polish Zloty once you arrive in Krakow.

If you arrive in Krakow before Saturday, July 27th , you must provide for your own needs until you meet the bus at Krakow airport for transportation to Małe Ciche on  Saturday, July 27th.

Due to practical limitations the churches in Poland are not able to receive guests for hospitality either before or after the conference. Those who arrive early or stay past these dates will need to provide their own transportation and make their own housing arrangements.


Once the conference begins on Lord’s day, July 28th, breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided for you at your lodging until, and including, breakfast on Lord’s day, August 4th. Plan to eat your meals in the house where you lodge and not at the local restaurants.

Krakow Blending Trip

After the conference there will be a trip to the scenic town of Krakow for sightseeing, blending with the local church, overflow from the conference and Bible distribution.

Saturday, August 3rd: Leave Małe Ciche early afternoon and arrive in Krakow for some sightseeing followed by dinner. In the evening there will be an orientation for the Bible distribution the following day.

Lord’s day, August 4th: Join the church in Krakow for the Lord’s table, followed by an overflow meeting, lunch, and Bible distribution in the city centre.

For this Krakow blending trip, it will still be necessary to maintain the ratio of one serving one for every three young people.

Parents and Children’s Conference

Parents and Children’s Conference Adult $300
Child eating full-portion $300
Child eating half-portion $150
Child with no meals (bed only) $100
Child with no meals and no bed $50

A T-shirt and an outline will be provided for all adults and children who are paying the $300 registration fee. All the other children, who are paying a fee less than $300, can get a T-shirt or an outline for the additional cost of $7 and $4 respectively.

Last updated: 30 January 2019