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Both the European Young People’s Conference (EYPC) and the European Parents and Children’s Conference (EPCC) will be held online and over a different time period than normal.

Part 4 of the EYPC will take place on Saturday, 29 August (see below for schedule).

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This year’s subject:


Conference Dates

Part 1

Saturday, 16 May

Part 2

Saturday, 20 June

Part 3

Friday, 31 July -
Monday, 3 August

Part 4

Saturday, 29 August

Meeting Times

Los Angeles, USA   |  10:30 PDT

Denver, USA | 11:30 MDT

Houston, USA   |  12:30 CDT

New York City, USA   |  13:30 EDT

Buenos Aires, Argentina   |  14:30 ART

London, UK   |  18:30 BST

Kraków, Poland   |  19:30 CEST

Jerusalem, Israel   |  20:30 IDT

Moscow, Russia   |  20:30 MSK

Auckland, New Zealand   |  05:30 NZST*

*(Lord’s Day, 30 August)

Part 3 - Conference Schedule

Times are given in Central European Summer Time (CEST).
Click on the events to check the time in your time zone.

Meeting Times

Los Angeles, USA   |  10:30 – 12:30 PDT

Houston, USA   |  12:30 – 14:30 CDT

New York City, USA   |  13:30 – 15:30 EDT

Buenos Aires, AR   |  14:30 – 16:30 ART

London, UK   |  18:30 – 20:30 BST

Kraków, Poland   |  19:30 – 21:30 CEST

Jerusalem, Israel   |  20:30 – 22:30 IDT

Moscow, Russia   |  20:30 – 22:30 MSK

Auckland, New Zealand   |  05:30 – 07:30 NZST*

*(Lord’s Day, 21 June)

Two Conference Sections


Ages 13 – 15


Ages 16 – 19*

*19-year-olds may attend as YP or serve as Helpers in the Junior Conference.

One-time Donation

£ 1

There is a suggested one-time donation of £20 / 25 / 100zł  per person. This donation covers all four parts of the conference. Your donation can be made through the PayPal link below. PayPal will take care of the currency conversion from your payment source to British pounds or Euros.


Click on the respective button to make donation.

IBAN: PL 91 1050 1025 1000 0090 3061 0860

Donation FAQs

The suggested donation is £20 / 25 / 100zł, but if you are unable to donate that much or want to donate more, that is fine.

Yes, you may donate later.

Please check your email registered with PayPal or with your bank if you made a bank transfer.

Registration Info

Registration is required and subject to approval by country/regional coordinators.
Please contact your local coordinators with any questions.

Click on the button to see the list of country/regional coordinators.
  • Registrants create / join their own group
  • 6-12 members
  • Same gender
  • Same language
  • Same conference (Juniors/Seniors)
  • At least one serving one
  • No more than three serving ones and helpers
  • The country/regional coordinators will help those who cannot find a group.
  • Parental consent
  • YP conference code of conduct
  • Recommendation from a church elder
  • Serving Ones and Helpers conference code of conduct
  • Online at
  • Each attendee will be assigned a user account.
  • The conference will use Zoom for meetings but only via the conference dashboard and with the conference user account.
  • User accounts will give access to users’ areas: meeting links, groups, conference materials, and the help desk.
  • There will be no regional quotas.

Friday, 1 May

Country Coordinators' Training - 20:30 CEST

Monday, 4 May

Registration Opens

Lord's Day, 10 May

Serving One Induction and Training - 20:30 CEST

Monday, 11 May

Registration Closes - 23:59 BST

Thursday, 14 May

ALL REGISTRANTS - Join test-run at 20:00 CEST

Saturday, 16 May

Conference - Part 1

Part 1


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EYPC 2020 - 25 april

Serving Ones'

Monday, 20 april 2020

Letter to
the Churches

Monday, 20th April, 2020

Dear saints,

We are writing to fellowship concerning the upcoming European Young People’s Conference (EYPC) and European Parents and Children’s Conference (EPCC). 

The European Young People’s Conference has been held for over twenty-five years and has been a great blessing and advance to the young people in the Lord’s recovery from all over the world. We expect that this conference will continue to go on without limitation for many more years.

However, since the early part of this year, with the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) we have been seeking the Lord’s guidance as to how to best assure that the release of His word would not be hindered, while simultaneously heeding government guidelines and safeguarding the health of our young people, parents and children, as well as our communities. It has become clear that it will not be possible to hold these conferences in person, so this year the conferences will be held online. While it is a disappointment to not be able to gather together physically, we believe the Lord has given us a good way to continue to meet together over the internet.

Instead of being held over one week in July, for the young people, we are proposing Saturday events in May, June and August, with one concentrated weekend at the end of July. 

For the parents and families, there will be two weekends in June. The first will be a weekend for parents and burdened saints, which will be a series of ministry messages, then a separate weekend for families where we will have online family times and workshops. 

European Young People’s Conference 2020

  • Part 1 – Saturday 16 May
  • Part 2 – Saturday 20 June
  • Part 3 – Friday 31 July – Monday 3 Aug
  • Part 4 – Saturday 29 August

European Parents and Children’s Conference

  • Parents Conference   5-7 June
  • Family Conference     26-28 June
This page will be updated when the conference registration is available.

Much grace to you all,

Coordinating brothers

EYPC 2019

Video Report