Introduction to the EYPC

The European Young People’s Conference (EYPC) has been held every year since 1995 in Małe Ciche, southern Poland. On this site you will find all the information concerning the conference as well as the registration portal. Please read through everything carefully!

The purpose of this conference is to provide an atmosphere of truth, love, blending, and enjoyment that imparts light and life, and builds up and inspires the young people to consecrate their lives to the Lord and take positive directions in their Christian walk. Young people from all over Europe will attend, with some invited from outside Europe to extend the scope of the blending. Our hope is that we all would develop a sense of mutuality, and receive the spiritual energy, strength, and motivation to live for the Lord and His recovery. The conference lasts for six days and has a set schedule, including meetings and some outdoor activities. We will stay in guest houses in the small village of Male Ciche, close to the town of Zakopane in the foothills of the Tatra mountains in southern Poland.