1. Young People – Attendance Age
    2. Shepherding Serving Ones
    3. Helpers
    4. Parents and Children’s Conference
    5. Visitors
    6. Practical Service
    7. Registration
    8. Cost and Payment Deadline
    9. Staying Extra Days before or after the Conference
    10. Cancellations
    11. Additional Country-specific Information
    12. Flight Arrivals and Departures
    13. Preparation for the Conference
    14. Prayers

Conference Regulation
What to Bring
Emergency Information
Parents and Children’s Conference
Additional Announcement – North America
Additional Announcement – UK & Ireland
Transport F&Q

  1. Young People – Attendance Age

The conference is open to young people aged 13 to 19. There will be two meetings based on age. The younger group will be for young people between the ages of 13 and 15 and the older group will be for young people aged 16 to 19.

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  1. Shepherding Serving Ones

There is a need for shepherds to care for the young people. Any brother or sister 23 years old or older who has a burden to help can apply to attend. It would also be helpful to contact your country coordinator to have some fellowship about the time. Some experience of serving with young people is preferred but not necessary. There needs to be one shepherding serving one for every three young people.

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  1. Helpers

Young people aged 20 to 22 who wish to help strengthen and support the conference, either serving with the young people or in a practical way, can also apply. These applications are not automatically accepted, but are considered according to the need. Your country coordinator will let you know if you have been accepted.

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  1. Parents and Children’s Conference

A conference for parents and children is held concurrently with the young people’s conference. The purpose of this time is for the parents to get into the fellowship regarding raising up the next generation for the church life, and for the children to be with other children from all over Europe.

Children aged 4-12 may attend the children’s conference if registering with parents/guardians. Space will also be provided where parents can care for children who are younger than 4. Please visit Parents and Children’s Conference announcement page for more information.

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  1. Visitors

If you do not meet age criteria or cannot be involved in any of the above mentioned conferences full-time, you can register as a visitor and choose the meetings you would like to participate in, your meals, accommodation, outlines, t-shirts as it suits your need.

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  1. Practical Service

There is also a great need for brothers and sisters to serve in the many activities which are carried out during the course of the conference. It would be wonderful for a good number of parents (especially dads) and visitors to come to serve in this capacity. No prior experience of serving with young people is required, although the ability to coordinate with others is necessary.

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    1. Registration

All registrations should be made through this website.

After you have submitted your application, you will hear from your local coordinator to confirm that you have been accepted. Please refrain from making travel plans and paying until you hear from him or her.

Please avoid arriving at Krakow Airport or Małe  Ciche from midnight and six in the morning of Saturday 27th July or Lord’s Day  28th of July, as there will be no one to meet you upon the arrival.

The registration deadline is 2nd June 2019.

Your registration is not complete until we have received both your registration form and your payment. Both registration form and payment have to reach us by 2nd June to complete registration. If your payment reaches us after this date, a late fee of 30€ / £25 / 120zl / $60 will be charged.

Applications after this date cannot be accepted, but will be placed on a waiting list and notified if space becomes available. A fee of 32€ / £29 / 130zl / $60 will also be charged.

If you have difficulties with registration, please speak to your country coordinator in good time, so that they can be resolved before the deadline.

Register Is Now Closed

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  1. Costs and Payment Deadline

The fees for the conference are as outlined below. All fees will be calculated according to what you select on your registration form. The total to pay will then be automatically calculated and displayed during the registration process.

Conference Fee (YP Conference and Parents and Children’s Conference) 160€ £145 650zł $300**
Child eating half-portion 69€ £63 282zł $150**
Child with no meals (bed only) 32€ £30 132zł $100**
Child with no meals and no bed 7,50€ £6,50 30zł $50**
Transport Krakow <> Małe  Ciche (one way) 7,50€ £7,50 30zł $9
Transport Katowice <>Małe  Ciche one way only (Group of 20+) * 15€ £14 62zł $18
Transport Rzeszów <>Małe  Ciche one way only (Group of 20+)* 15€ £14 62zł $18
*Late registrations after 2nd June 32€ £29 130zł $60
*Cancellations after 2nd June 32€ £29 130zł $60
*Cancellations after  21st July All Fees Withheld
Additional T-shirt/T-shirt for child eating half portion or no meals 6€ £5 25zł $7
EYPC Outline or PCC Outline 3€ £2,50 12 zł $4

**See Additional Information for North America  and Parents and Children’s Conference for more detail.

* The cost of the transportation might increase based on the number of saints registered for it to travel from Katowice and Rzeszów.

The payment procedure depends on which country you are from. All payments in Euro, Pound Sterling, US Dollars and Swedish Krona are made via PayPal as part of the online registration process. You will not incur any further fees. For other currencies, please contact your country coordinator, who will tell you the procedure for your country.

If you have any difficulties or questions concerning payment or using PayPal, please contact your country coordinator, who will be glad to help.

Please do not make payment until you have heard from your country coordinator that your application has been accepted. He or she will contact you after you have submitted your application form.

All payments must be made by 2nd June 2019. If we have not received your payment by this deadline, we will be unable to process your registration.

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  1. Staying Extra Days before or after the Conference

Should your travel plans require, you can book extra nights in Małe Ciche both before 28th July and after 3rd August. This costs 14€ / £13 / 57zl / $17 per night for a young person or adult including breakfast and dinner only (lunch is not provided). Prices for children eating half portions or taking no meals can be found on Parents and Children’s Conference page. If you plan to stay in Małe Ciche before or after the conference dates, you should indicate your arrival and departure dates on your registration form and the additional cost will be added automatically to your total.

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  1. Cancellations

Cancellations after 2nd June 2019 will incur a fee of 32€ / £29 / 130zl / $60. After the 21st July all fees will be withheld for cancellations except in mitigating circumstances.  Mitigating circumstances include a sudden serious illness or family emergency, but will not usually include having incorrect or missing travel documents.

Therefore, please check that your travel documents are in order and allow you to travel to Poland. Please check

■     that your passport or identity card is valid and has not expired

■     whether you need a visa to enter Poland

■     what age restrictions your airline imposes for young people travelling by themselves (airlines often require a letter from your parents or a chaperone to accompany young people below a certain age).

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  1. Additional Country-specific Information

For information which is specific to your country, such as travel arrangements or payment procedures, please contact your country coordinator. If relevant, please see Additional information for the UK or Additional Information for North America.

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  1. Flight Arrivals and Departures

We encourage those who fly to arrive and depart from Krakow airport. Alternatively, there are two other airports: Katowice and Rzeszów airports, which are an additional two and half hours away. Please note that the conference can only provide transport from the alternative airports for groups of over twenty, and the price may vary.

If you are flying, please plan to arrive in Krakow no later than 14:00 on Lord’s day, 28th July and to schedule your departure from Krakow no earlier than 17:00 on Saturday, 3rd August. Anyone arriving in Krakow after 14:00 may need to make their own arrangements to get from the airport to Małe Ciche. Similarly, for flights leaving from Krakow before 17:00 private arrangements may need to be made to get to the airport.

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  1. Preparation for the conference

In preparation for the conference we request that all registrants read through the regulations, what to bring and make note for Emergency Information.

We request serving ones and helpers from each region have fellowship together prior to the conference to pray for the conference and prepare by watching the training video  and read through the outline and guidelines before  the conference together.

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  1. Prayer

It is our desire that the Lord would have a way to reach each young person attending this conference, that each young person’s love for the Lord would grow and that they would consecrate themselves in a deeper and more thorough way in this conference. This requires the prayers of all the churches. We therefore ask all the churches to stand with us in prayer as we prepare for this conference and during the conference that the Word of the Lord would be prevailing.

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