What to Expect

The European Young People’s Conference is a 5-day, full-time residential event that takes place in Małe Ciche, a small mountain village near the Tatra Mountains in the southern part of Poland. The attendees will be staying in large, traditional Polish guest houses unique to the region in shared rooms with those from their country or region. Bathrooms are usually shared among several rooms. The food is a mix of typical Polish food with continental dishes suggested to the hosts by the Conference. The weekly menu is balanced and suitable to all tastes (if you have special dietary needs, please make sure to write a comment in the appropriate box within the registration form).

Each day starts with a time to contact the Lord together in the rooms, followed by a morning meeting. After the meeting, there is lunch and activities. To recover from activities, there is a rest time in the afternoon, then dinner and the evening meeting. After the meeting, there is a group time in the rooms. Lights are out at 22:30. On one of the days, there is a hike in Tatra National Park which takes most of the day, so there is not a morning meeting and the schedule resumes with the afternoon rest time.

Activities are an important part of the Conference. Activities are of three kinds: games, orienteering, and a project. Young people and their serving ones are assigned into teams. These teams will take turns doing the activities on different days.

Transport to the venue is provided from Kraków Airport. For more information, please visit the transport page.