This year in Poland we will continue to have a Parents’ and Children’s Conference running alongside the European Young Peoples’ Conference.This conference is open for any families from Europe or other saints with a burden for the next generation. Please come expecting to fully enter into the enjoyment of the mutual fellowship and service as this is a time borne and cared for by all the parents and burdened saints serving and coordinating together.

Please note the following important details:

    1. The Parents’ Conference messages will only take place in the mornings (on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday).
    2. Translation for the Parents’ Conference will be provided.
    3. During the morning messages the children from 4 to 12 years old will be cared for by  the parents with a small group of serving ones overseeing the service.
      • All parents will help to take care of one allocated children’s service time.
      • After you have registered you will be contacted to let you know on which of the four mornings you will be serving.
      • It is very important that every country makes sure that there is always someone with the children who can translate from English into your language.
  1. 4. This year there will be three age groups:
    • The young children from 0-3 will be cared for by their own parents in a facility alongside the adult meetings with an audio connection to the fellowship.
    • The middle group of children from 4 to approximately 8 will be together and the older children from approximately 9 to 12 will be together.
    • The exact ages of the three groups will be decided when registration is complete depending on the numbers of each age.
    • If there are a small number of children coming from a country spanning the middle and older age groups then they can stay together in the group which the parents feel most appropriate.However, in general the children will be encouraged to be with their own age group.

5.We will continue to have family workshops in the afternoon.

  • The burden of these times is for the parents and burdened saints to come with their children to have a family time together.
  • During this time we will sing and have activities together, and also break into smaller groups to practice singing with the children and telling them stories.
  • This year the workshops will be slightly later in the afternoon to allow the families to have more free time together.

6. There will not be meetings for the adults in the evening and instead there                                    will be activities available for families to do together such as bonfires, nature                        walks and games.

7. In addition you may be asked to help with some practical service for the                             young people’s conference such as setting up activities or doing room                                         inspections . 

We hope that many families would be able to attend this time. However, there will be a quota for the Parents’ and Children’s Conference of 450, including both adults and children. Registration is carried out in the same way as the young people’s conference: by filling in the registration form and paying on this website.

Parents Responsibility
Children attending this time remain the responsibility of their parents or legal guardians at all times during the conference. The conference does not assume responsibility or supervision for any children including during children’s meetings and activities.

Child Rates
Conference fee for child eating half-portion 61€ £46 252zl $125**
Additional night in Male Ciche inc. breakfast and dinner meals only, lunch is not provided 8,70€ £6,50 36zl $10
Late registrations after 1st June 12€ £9 50zl $14
Cancellations from 1st June 12€ £9 50zl $14
Cancellations from 24th July All fees withheld
Conference fee for child with no meals (bed only) 32€ £24 132zl $85**
Additional night in Male Ciche excl. meals (any age) 5,50€ £4 22zl $6
Late registrations after 1st June 6€ £5 26zl $7
Cancellations from 1st June 6€ £5 26zl $7
Cancellations from 24th July All fees withheld
Conference fee for child with no meals and no bed (up to 3 years old) 7,50€ £5,50 30zl $25**
Additional night in Male Ciche 1,20€ £1 5zl $1.50
T-shirt for child eating half-portion or no meals 6€ £5 25zl $7
EYPC Outline 2,50€ £2 10 zł $3

**See Additional Information for North America for more details.

For adults and children eating full meals, see the main conference fees.

Additional Information

There is no ATM in the village. Saints will have to exchange money into Polish currency BEFORE coming to the conference.

Stores do accept credit or debit cards.

Registration is now closed