Additional Information for the UK and Ireland

The following information specifically applies to those attending the conference from the UK and Ireland. Please carefully read the general announcements in addition to these points:

Young People’s Applications

Applicants from the UK and Ireland may attend the conference as young people if they are in secondary school through to the completion of the first year of university or equivalent.

Conference Academic Years Completed
Junior 7, 8 , 9, 10
Senior 11 ,12 ,13, Uni 1st yr
Lower age limit [Junior Conference]

Young people who are registering for the junior conference should at least:

  • Have completed Year 7 (going on to Year 8) and have previously attended a residential young people’s conference in the UK. (e.g. Year 7 conference, Thetford Camp, UK YP conference or WST);
  • Otherwise, have completed Year 8 (going into year 9)

Upper age limit

Young people who have completed the first year of university or equivalent may choose either of the following 2 options:

  1. Last year to attend as a young person
  2. First year to attend as a helper either as a helper in the Junior conference or as a practical serving one

Serving Ones and Helpers

All serving ones and helpers from the UK are subject to approval from the UK coordinating brothers and are required to:

  • Be a pattern to the young people, including keeping all the regulations
  • Possess a valid DBS or CRB to serve with young people
New (First Time) Serving Ones and Helpers

In addition to the above, those attending for the first time as a serving one or helper are required to:

  • Read through “How to Lead the Young People”
  • Write what they have enjoyed from this booklet and why they would like to serve
  • Attend the morning coordination meetings during the conference
  • Be clustered together with more experienced serving ones

Ratios of Serving Ones

There must be one serving one for every three young people attending. This means that those coming from the UK and Ireland may need to coordinate and blend in their clusters to cover this ratio.

Travel Dates and Arrangements

In order to take care of transport arrangements to the conference, please book your flights according to the following guidelines:

ARRIVALS in Krakow (KRK)

Lord’s Day, 29th July 2018

Recommended flights from London (various) to Krakow

1.08:45 on Ryanair from Stansted (arriving 12:10)
2.09:20 on EasyJet from Gatwick (arriving 12:50)
3.12:55 on Ryanair from Stansted (arriving 16:20)

*There are many other flights to Krakow from London. However, please arrange to arrive in Krakow airport before 2:00pm so you can take the coach to Małe Ciche.

DEPARTURES from Krakow (KRK)

Saturday, 04h August 2018

Recommended flight from Krakow to London (various):

1.16:50 on Ryanair to Stansted (arriving 18:25)
2.20:40 on BA to Heathrow (arriving 22:10)
   3.22:25 on Ryanair to Stansted (arriving 23:59

*There are many other flights from Krakow to London. However, please arrange to depart Krakow airport no earlier than 5:00pm.

Please coordinate your flights with the saints in your cluster. No young people will be allowed to arrive a day early on the 28th of July or remain a day later on the 04th of August without accompanying serving adults.

We strongly suggest that you do not make any travel plans for the conference until you receive the confirmation that your registration has been accepted.

Staying an extra day

On the Saturday afternoon after the conference, along with the saints from the US and some other countries, there will be a trip to the nearby town of Zakopane for a gospel time and sightseeing, followed by an overflow meeting in the evening. For those flying on Lord’s day, attendance at these activities is mandatory as the conference regulations will still apply – it will still be necessary therefore to maintain the ratio of one serving adult for every three young people participating.

Payment for the extra day must be made as a part of registration. To cover meals and snacks on the excursion each person will need to bring approximately £10 in addition to the above costs.