Conference regulations

The European Young People’s conference is a unique privilege to blend with young people from all over the earth and pursue the Lord together for His interest. To provide the best atmosphere for achieving this goal it is necessary for us all to observe the following regulations.

  1. Clothing worn during the conference should be proper and modest:
  • No improper pictures, logos or symbols. No revealing tops or tops that expose the midriff or back. No “low riser” jeans or trousers cut low on the hip.
  • In the meetings it would be very good for the sisters to wear a skirt or dress which is long enough to cover the knee when sitting down and for the brothers to wear a shirt with a collar. Shorts may not be worn to the meetings.
  • Similarly, when taking part in the afternoon activities, please take care to wear clothes which are modest – for example it would be good for brothers and sisters to wear loose fitting trousers/tracksuit bottoms and a T-shirt which covers the shoulders.
  • Brothers are not permitted to wear earrings or studs, including while travelling to and from the conference.
  1. The use of phones and other electronic items is not permitted – they must be stored away out of sight and not used. If they are seen, the serving one must take them away. You should bring a physical Bible and hymnal for use in the meetings, and a camera for taking photos. Serving ones & helpers are requested to keep their phones on them through the course of the conference for emergency use only.
  2. A proper Brother/Sister relationship should be maintained during the entire conference. Brothers should not be in the areas of the sisters’ houses and sisters should not be in the areas of the brothers’ houses.
  3. Room assignments should not be changed without prior approval from your serving one and the conference administrators.
  4. Do not leave the conference area without permission.
  5. No criticism, complaining or bad language.
  6. Everyone must follow the conference schedule:
  7. Be in your seat 5 minutes before the meeting starts – begin to open and exercise your spirit (sing, pray, pray-read, etc.)
  8. Once the meeting begins, no one is allowed to leave until dismissed – i.e. no visits to the toilet during the meeting (remember to go beforehand!)
  9. Bring Bible, hymnal, notebook, pen, and outline to every session – take notes!
  10. Food and drink (except water) are not permitted in the meeting or during room times.
  11. Attendance at all sessions (including morning revival and room times) is mandatory. Everyone will be encouraged to participate during room times.
  12. You must return promptly to your rooms after the evening meeting.
  13. Lights out at the scheduled time! That means everyone should be quiet, with no one leaving his or her room except for emergencies.
  14. Take care of your house and respect the house staff – if you have a problem, tell your serving one. Do not drop litter – pick up any you see on the ground. No shouting or excessive noise outdoors early in the morning or after the evening meeting in order not to disturb the neighbours.
  15. To take care of our hosts’ feelings we should eat all our meals in our host house (and not in other houses). All other eating places in the village are off limits for the duration of the conference.
  16. Use of shops is permitted after the first meeting and before lunch, and after activities until dinner. Urgent needs for items in the shops may be discussed with your serving ones. The serving one may enter the shop on your behalf if required.
  17. The serving ones are responsible for the young people both during the journey and at the conference. You must obey them and maintain a respectful attitude to them at all times. Disobedience, rebelliousness or rudeness to serving ones will NOT be tolerated.
  18. We reserve the right to discipline anyone who does not obey the rules. In serious cases this may include sending that young person home. We expect any extra costs incurred by this action to be met by that person.