EYPCO – Part 4: Portal Login Details and Invitation Links for Your Friends

Dear young people, helpers, and serving ones,

This is a reminder that the conclusion of the European Young People’s Conference online will take place in less than 24 hours on Saturday, 29 August at 19:30 CEST!

Below are your login details, meeting information, and links to the invitation pages that you can share with your gospel contacts.

Prayer Needed

Please pray for this time and for the responses of the gospel contacts. We believe much prayer is needed to cover this gathering and carry out the Lord’s desire for all men to be saved and brought to the full knowledge of the truth.

Part 4 - Meeting Times

Los Angeles, USA | 10:30 PDT
Denver, USA | 11:30 MDT
Houston, USA | 12:3o CDT
New York City, USA | 13:30 EDT
Buenos Aires, Argentina | 14:30 ART
London, UK | 18:30 BST
Krakow, Poland | 19:30 CEST
Jerusalem, Israel | 20:30 IDT
Moscow, Russia | 20:30 MSK

Meeting Schedule

  • 45 minutes – Singing, Presentation, Rewards, and Testimonies
  • 45 minutes – Gospel Talk and Questions
  • 45 minutes (extra) – Follow-up and Response

Joining the Meeting

Please join the meeting from the Conference Portal. Gospel contacts may join from the invitation pages below.

Your Conference Portal and Zoom Login Details

Please find this information in the email that was recently sent out. Your login details should be the same as it was in the previous parts of the EYPCO.

Invitation Pages

Please use the links below to invite your friends, colleagues, or family members to join us. This meeting will be open to the public and will not require logging into the Conference Portal. Please be sure to invite your gospel contacts to join the same stream that you are assigned to.

If you have forgotten your stream, you can find it in the portal beneath your name in the bottom right corner.

Languages in Stream A (Seniors):
English Polish, Georgian, German, French, Russian, Armenian

Languages in Stream B (Seniors):
English, Dutch, Serbo-Croatian, Czech/Slovak, Italian, Arabic, Spanish

Languages in Stream C (Juniors):
English, Polish, German, French, Russian

Languages in Stream D (Juniors):
English, Dutch, Georgian, Italian, Arabic, Armenian, Spanish

Need help connecting to the meeting?

Go to the Conference Portal: ypconference.eu/portal and try to log in. Your login details are in the blue box further up in this email.

If you need any help during Part 4:
  • Click on the ‘Help’ tab. Step by step instructions to join the meetings are provided here.
  • Contact the Help Desk via Live Chat (the red icon on the bottom right in the portal and invitation pages). 
Live Chat Opening Hours Saturday 6:45pm – 10pm CEST For all other times, please email help@ypconference.eu.
We are looking forward to seeing you in Part 4! May the Lord prepare our hearts and the hearts of our gospel contacts!

EYPC Registration Team