EYPCO – Part 3: Meetings 7 & 8 Starting Now!

Dear young people, helpers, and serving ones,

Praise the Lord! Today is the final day of Part 3 of the Conference! The Conference meeting is starting now. A reminder of the schedule is below. 

We have been enjoying a wonderful time together these past few days. The Conference Portal will remain active, and you will have access to your group meeting room and all the other resources (e.g., how to play the activities and listen to the songs in the Archives) so that you can continue your group times between now and Part 4. Keep checking back for more updates to the Portal, because we will keep adding more!

The first deadline for verse memorisation has passed, but remember that you have until 9:30am CEST on Saturday, 15 August to continue to memorise verses!

Remember to pray for these last two meetings and for all the saints who have been participating in this Conference. Praise the Lord!

EYPCO Serving Saints

Today's Schedule

All times are given in Warsaw time (CEST).
Click on the events to check the time in your area.

16:00- 18:00 CEST
Meeting 7 (Message 9)

19:30-21:30 CEST
Meeting 8 (Special Fellowship)

22:00-22:15 CEST
Bible Reading (personal)

23:00 CEST
Lights Out

Need help connecting to the meetings?

Go to the Conference Portal: ypconference.eu/portal and try to log in. Your login details were previously emailed to you.

If you need any help during the weekend:
  • Click on the ‘Help’ tab. Step by step instructions to join the meetings are provided here.
  • Contact the Help Desk via Live Chat (the red icon on the bottom right in the portal) 
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2:15pm – 10pm

Saturday, Lord’s Day & Monday 
7:45am – 9am
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For all other times, please email help@ypconference.eu.

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