EYPCO – Part 3: Project Bonus Points Deadline Reminder

Hi Saints,

The deadline to get bonus points for your project is coming up soon! This is not the final project deadline.

The rapid prototype submission deadline is Lord’s Day, 02 August at 3pm CEST – tomorrow afternoon!

We recommend that you use around 30 minutes of your activity time, or your own spare time to make a rapid prototype submission. This is a 5-second video of your project-in-progress. Remember, only one person in your group needs to do this to get 10 bonus points!

In your submission, feel free to include multiple videos, including some where your machine failed to work.

We have made an example video of a rapid prototype submission. Click here to see it. This took us 30 minutes!

To submit your video, click here.

Grace to you,

EYPCO Activities Team

P.S. Don’t forget, there’s more information in the Conference Portal, under the “Project” tab!