EYPCO – Part 3: Meeting 5 Going on Now!

Dear young people, helpers, and serving ones,

This is a quick reminder that Meeting 5 is happening right now!

In case you haven’t yet found it, videos are now available for past messages in the Archives in the Conference Portal, this includes Serving Ones Fellowships, and Announcements. Also, you can now log your memory verses on the Memory Verses page.

Keep checking the Conference Portal for more updates and announcements, and keep enjoying the conference. May the Lord prepare us all to be His age turners!

EYPCO Serving Ones

Today's Schedule

All times are given in Warsaw time (CEST).
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16:00- 18:00 CEST
Meeting 5 (Message 7)

19:30-21:30 CEST
Meeting 6 (Message 8)

22:00-22:15 CEST
Bible Reading (personal)

23:00 CEST
Lights Out

  • The layout of my portal looks funny or some parts are missing, what can I do?
    Try to force-refresh the browser (Ctrl-F5, Ctrl-R, Cmd-F5, or Cmd-R), and try to log out and log in. If it still looks strange, please contact the Live Chat and let us know what browser and device you are using.
  • How do we do the verse memorisation?
    Simply remember and speak the verse reference and verse without looking to someone else who can say if you got the verse correct – a serving one, parent, companion, or sibling! Mark on your outline that it has been completed and count them up at the end! You may do this with any verse that is printed in the outline, and in any language.
For more FAQs, click here.

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