EYPCO – Part 3: Your Conference Portal and Zoom Login Details

Dear Saints,

Part 3 of the European Young People’s Conference Online (EYPCO) begins today!

Unlike the previous two parts, Part 3 of the conference will be held over four days. In addition to the large meetings, there will be the group times, verse memorisation, activities time, and more! We hope that through these times, we will enjoy the Lord more and be built up together.

See you in a few hours!

Today's schedule is below!

All times are given in Warsaw time (CEST).
Click on the events to check the time in your time zone.

14:30-15:30 CEST
Serving Ones’ Coordination 1
 16:00-18:00 CEST
Meeting 1 (Message 3)
 19:30-21:30 CEST
Meeting 2 (Message 4)
21:30-22:00 CEST
Prepare for bed
22:00-22:15 CEST
Bible Reading (personal)
23:00 CEST
Lights out

Full schedules (Friday to Monday) can be downloaded from the website and from your Conference Portal in different timezones . Please make sure to check them carefully!

Before-the-Conference Checklist 
Have you…?

  • Logged in to the Conference Portal (make sure you copy and paste your login credentials correctly, delete any extra spaces)
  • Familiarised yourself with the Conference Portal (meeting links, outlines, schedules, group, archives, Help Desk) – Message 1 from Part 1 is now available to rewatch
  • Tested logging in to your group meeting in Zoom – please try before the first meeting (remember to log in with your conference email!)
  • Printed your message outlines
  • Checked that you know what time the meetings are in your timezone

Need help connecting to the meetings?

Go to the Conference Portal: ypconference.eu/portal and try to log in. Your login details are in the blue box further up in this email.

If you need any help during the weekend:

  • Click on the ‘Help’ tab. Step by step instructions to join the meetings are provided here.
  • Contact the Help Desk via Live Chat (the red icon on the bottom right in the portal) 


Live Chat Opening Hours (CEST)
2:15pm – 10pm

Saturday, Lord’s Day & Monday 
7:45am – 9am
9:45am – 12pm
2:45pm – 6pm
6:45pm – 10pm
For all other times, please email help@ypconference.eu.

We are looking forward to these next few days. May the Lord prepare our hearts and bless all of our times together!

EYPCO Serving Saints