Registration Reopen!

Praise the Lord! Part 1 of EYPCO took place on Saturday the 16th of May with thousands of young people and saints participating from across the world. We pray this conference will help group the young people together to be pursuing companions in order to meet God’s need. Individually, we are weak; together, we are strong!

For those who were unable to join the first meeting of the Conference, there is now the opportunity to register for the three remaining events that will take place over the coming months.

The dates for the remaining events are:

  1. Part 2: Saturday, 20th June
  2. Part 3: Friday, 31st July – Monday, 3rd August
  3. Part 4: Saturday, 29th August

To register, please visit The registration deadline for Part 2 is 14 June at midnight GMT. Please note that:

  1. Saints who already registered for Part 1 do NOT need to re-register.
  2. Saints who started the registration process but missed the previous deadline for completing it can now log into their account and complete their form.  
  3. Young people who are registering for the first time can either join an existing group or start a new one with their companions.

We would like to encourage burdened saints and parents to sign up even if they do not have a group of young people to serve with directly. The Conference has the potential to have a lasting impact on our young people and they will be greatly helped by the participation and prayer of the saints.

May the Lord continue to bless the EYPC Online and advance in the young people in the Lord’s recovery from all over the world.