Fellowship concerning the groups (VIDEO) and deadline to join a group (18:00 CEST Wednesday)

Dear saints,

Thank you for registering for the online European Young Peoples’s Conference. We thank the Lord that so many young people from all over the world have a heart to be gathered together and receive the Lord’s present speaking. May we be those who respond to Him in these days to turn the age.

Below are some important announcements and statistics, and a new video about the conference:

Joining by Groups

We are happy to report that many saints have registered; however, we realise that many of you still need help forming a group:

  • 3,800 began a registration.
  • 3,450 approved so far.
  • 2,485 in groups.
  • 920 still need a group.

Below is some fresh fellowship about the burden of the conference and forming groups:

NEW VIDEO: The burden of the conference and forming groups. TG (8:28)
Tutorial Video: How to join a group.

Final Deadline to Join Groups

The deadline to join a group is 18:00 CEST on Wednesday 13 May 2020:

Los Angeles, USA | 09:00 PDT
Houston, USA | 11:00 CDT
New York City, USA | 12:00 EDT
Buenos Aires, AR | 13:00 ART
London, UK | 17:00 BST
Kraków, Poland | 18:00 CEST
Jerusalem, Israel | 19:00 IDT
Moscow, Russia | 19:00 MSK

Everyone must be in a group!

If you do not join a group by 18:00 CEST on Wednesday, then you will be added to a group by your Country Coordinator or by the Registration Team.

However, it would help if you would choose your own group!

If groups are too small or too large, or are unevenly balanced, then they may be rearranged by your Country Coordinator or the Registration Team.

Do you know someone who didn’t register on time?

Late registrations for Part 1 will not be accepted. However, the message will be posted online, and registration will reopen for the subsequent parts of the conference.

Note: If you are registered, you will NOT need to register again for later parts of the conference!

Announcements for Serving Ones and Helpers

Everyone must join a group to participate in the conference. Any serving one or helper who is not in a group with young people may join a serving ones’ group. These will also be split by Junior/Senior, gender, and language.

How to join a serving ones’ group:

  1. Log in to your registration form.
  2. Click on the ‘Join Group’ button.
  3. Scroll to the very bottom of the page to the section ‘Join Serving One and Helpers Group’.
  4. Click on ‘Join Group’.

For saints who registered to serve practically:

  1. If you have not been contacted personally to serve practically, please just enjoy the conference! You do not need to change your status unless you would like to be in a group with young people.
  2. If you registered before yesterday, you were automatically assigned to the Senior Conference. If you want to change to the Junior Conference you need to login, change your Conference on page 3, then leave your current group (if you are in one) and rejoin a group in the correct Conference.

Grace to you all,

EYPC Registration Team