Summer 2021


The YP Conference will be carried out locally if the situation allows. The conference will also be available online where it is not possible to meet in person. The dates of the conference will be from the 2nd to the 7th of August, although it may vary according to your region. Please see the details for proposed dates.

Young People in Poland

dates & location

Country and Region Dateslocation
Albania 2-7 August To be confirmed
Bulgaria 2-7 August Regional Facility
Dutch Speaking saints from NL + Belgium 2-7 August Regional Facility
French-speaking 2-7 August Homes
Georgia 2-7 August Regional Facility
Germany 2-7 August Gut Elim + Homes/Meeting Halls
Greece 2-7 August Athens Meeting Hall
Iberian Peninsula July 5-10 Betania, Ciudad Real
Ireland 2-7 August Homes or join UK
Israel 2-7 August To be confirmed
Italy 2-7 August To be confirmed
Norway 13-15 August Bø, Telemark
Poland 2-7 August Małe Ciche
Serbia 2-7 August Homes
Slovakia / Central and Eastern Europe and Balkans 2-7 August Regional Facility
Switzerland / Bern 2-7 August Regional Facility
UK 26-31 July, 2-7 August Woodland Camp, London